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Founded in 1975, our company has a very wide product range. As principle we prefer to be careful when applying, and make production that we can feel excited while doing. We endeavor to do what everyone can not do. At present, we are the company with the highest product range in our country. Solar Energy Products and centralized solar system productions - Liquid and gas fuel floor heating boilers (one manufacturer) - Large capacity booster systems production (single manufacturer) orElectric samovars - Polyethylene Production (one manufacturer) In addition to production, we are implementing mechanical and engineering services and central heating-cooling systems. APPLICATIONS are applied on natural and geothermal energy applications.

"Our company; all of the companies that produce products manufactured from polyethylene in the island, technical, information and application is more developed. We are taking Europe and America as an example while carrying out our studies, Amerikan Vural said, referring to the American ICO EUROPE company's homepage. Vural stated that they are capable of producing a wide range of production in this branch of production. they are proud. Erden Vural said that the young minds were not valued only as ignorant as the society. Arı The unchangeable accessory of failure is being tried to be shown as a Cyprus issue. Unproductive work, the inability to renew ourselves, many investment loans given to the target does not reach, uncontrolled loans can be listed as "reasons," he said.
Vural Metal Director Erden Vural pointed out that the sector is stable and emphasized that many enterprises are generally not economically feasible in industry and other production types. This situation in general until the export stage, that is, the owner of the market to find a share of the great effort and self-improvement should be able to Vural, p If you can not develop already, you can be no rantabl. So it is impossible to obtain low cost. What is essential in a manufacturing industry is that; to produce quality products as well as to minimize cost and to create sales markets in line with these methods.
Erden Vural stated that the consumption within Cyprus is certain and pointed out that if the production for the domestic market is done, numerical production will decrease. Vural complained about the fixed costs per unit of enterprises on the island and the high costs of its sine qua non. Uz For example, although we cannot receive service from many items, we are paying the annual local government expenses. There are common contributions paid each year. The need to become a member of many chambers that are constantly increasing for your business activities and the annual fees paid to them. Money costs are very high. In general, if you try to run your business activities with bank loans, the cost increases will be inevitable. In the import phase, the collection of VAT in advance is reflected to the importer as a separate burden. High operating vehicle expenses, (Navigation-Run B permit )Police-Inspection and expenses such as emissions and continuously increasing fuel) are necessary for your product to reach the end user. Besides, high electricity and so on. In addition to all these negativities, institutionalization on the basis of business becomes harder and removes you from the idea of ​​making new investments. In European countries, companies continue their activities under the supervision of their financial advisors and are directed by consultants in the face of any negative developments in the company. We do not have this application. In short, these fixed costs and high expenditures come in different directions. When you take all of them as a company and put them in a bag, they come to you as a terrible amount at the end of the year and this unfortunately is reflected in your product cost negatively.
Erden Vural stated that it is not enough to find a loan with low interest rate and start production and that the government should make more efforts to eliminate the obstacles to export and should create foreign market opportunities for the country manufacturer. Vural said that the unregistered economy is dominant and that the informal economy is one of the biggest problems. Vural underlines that an export-free production cannot be considered, mas we cannot do it now, because the obstacles are indexed to the Cyprus problem.
I believe that the Turkish Cypriot industrialists and producers have the knowledge and technique to do many things. The worst case is the fear of not marketing our products. If this concern continues to increase with negativity, you lose hope. For now, we have accepted the slowdown of the enterprises, but we are making great efforts to stop it. Industrial plants are big and costly masses.